4/5 people only read the headline.
That's 80% of your marketing dollar right there.

Predict engagement before you post

Never worry about copy.

Advanced AI that predicts the engagement of your headline, customized to your audience

Increase engagement, retain more clients, save time.

Our Approach

Increase your Sales & Marketing ROI

Depending on your goals and needs

Slayer Models

Reduce time spent copywriting & A/B testing by 90%+

Custom Models

Increase sales engagement by up to 20%+

Seamless Integration
with Browsers
Slayer (Pro & Custom) are compatible out of the box with nearly all internet users.

See how your copy will perform

Based on your Objective (your goal) & Audience (who you're writing for) we analyze your copy using advanced pre-trained models. This gives an accurate representation of how your copy will perform

Slayer takes on the hard work.

Using an advanced AI Engine, Slayer processes your copy and produces high performing alternatives that help you achieve your goals.

Always Learning.

Our AI Engine is constantly improving and enhancing so you'll always have access to the most successful results.

New to Artificial Intelligence?

How it Works
Learn about AI Models

Ready to create better copy?

Building a better way to write.

Slayer is currently available to a limited number of users & organizations.