5 Ways to Write More Engaging Headlines.

By Diamaka Aniagolu

Good content without an engaging headline is like an undecorated or uniced cake 

It might taste great but you won’t know this because it is not attractive enough to make you want to taste it. 

A lot of people erroneously think that coming up with attention-grabbing headlines should be saved until one needs to sell a product or service. But they don’t realize that an engaging headline performs as much miracle in copies as in blog/website content. No matter how good and informative your content is, you won’t get sales, high click-through rates, views, likes, shares, or any other form of engagement if it doesn’t come with an engaging headline. This is why it's important to know how to write catchy headlines.

Research has shown that the average human’s attention is now less than 8 seconds, and the principles of headline writing show that these 8 seconds can be lost if your content/copy doesn’t have an engaging headline. Because of this, content managers and copywriters spend more time coming up with topic headlines than developing the body of an article. What they don’t tell you is that they use ai copywriting tools like slayer.ai to curate attention-grabbing headlines to boost their conversion and open rates. 

Like with copy for ads, email campaigns, and sales letters, your headlines are the backbone of your site’s traffic and a lot of factors should be considered while creating them. 

In this article, we'll give tips to answer the question: "how to write a headline" and also provide great headline examples that you can learn from. 

Let's get started. 

5 Ways to Write More Engaging Headlines

1. Uniqueness should be paramount: 

People often misunderstand a unique headline to mean a unique topic. 

While the latter can portray you as an expert in your field, it is usually difficult to come up with a topic that has never been written before. 

A unique headline on the other hand is a topic that might have been written before, that interests you enough to be recreated, but is written in a way that has never been used before. In simple words, a unique headline contains a series of words that have never been combined and published by any website or blog. 

You can know if your headline has been published before by searching for it on google in enclosed double quotation marks. 

2. Use Easy-To-Figure-Out Headlines: 

This is the golden rule for writing headlines.

Your headline should be such that it gives a quick overview of the content of the article or copy. Your audience should be able to decipher (at first glance and by reading your headline) that your content contains a solution to his problem. 

While we’re at this, we’ll like to remind you that one of the major tips to writing a good headline is to avoid words that scream “i-read-the-dictionary-everyday”.  

Instead, you should keep your sentences short. Cut the fluff. And use active verbs over passive verbs. For instance: 

“How to Perceive the Undeniable Feeling of Fondness From a Homo Sapien to Your Person”

“7 Signs that Someone is in Love with You”

3. Use numbers:

Adding numbers is one of the 5 types of headlines because it's a cheat to get people to read your headline and subsequently read more of your content or copy. This is because numbers are like candies that the human brain is addicted to. 

Including a number in a headline makes the headline easy and fast to read. It also helps skimmers and impatient readers to grasp your content without feeling like they’re wasting their time. 

Note that odd numbers are more visually appealing than even numbers and therefore will attract your audience’s attention more. While you’re at it, remember that the brain blanks out when the eyes see numbers above 9. This is because -for some reason, the human mind thinks that numbers above 9 are too cumbersome. 

4. Sense of urgency:

Have you ever experienced the need to purchase an item or service just because a discount was included or because a deadline of availability has been set? 

Perhaps it was more than a feeling. 

Maybe you went ahead to buy that product because that cheap offer was going to expire by midnight. 

Newsflash. That offer might end at midnight, but another better offer will come up before the month’s end. 

Now, that feeling of not wanting to be left out is what marketers, copywriters and even our ai copywriting tool bank on whenever we insert a sense of urgency in our headlines. This sense of urgency is used to dissuade procrastinators and can even serve as clickbait when used correctly. 

Image source: https://www.optimonk.com/copywriting-headline-examples/ 

However, you should note that you shouldn’t always insert a sense of urgency in your headline because it depicts a lack of confidence in one’s product and lowers the customer’s trust. 

And this is where an ai copywriting tool like slayer.ai comes in. It helps you monitor and minimize the number of times you add a sense of urgency into your headlines in order not to lower the value of your product/service. 

5. Use power words: 

Words are words, but some words create more impact than others. 

These words are called power words because when used, they pass a stronger message to an audience. These power words can be negative or positive and can be used to incite an audience to take an action. 

Positive power words give hope and positivity to an audience and are sometimes used as motivational words. Some of the positive power words that you can use in your headlines include: 

  • Guts
  • Amazing
  • Miraculous
  • Fearless
  • Brave
  • Spectacular
  • Conqueror
  • Courageous, and so on. 

Keep in mind that an overuse of power words in a headline can prompt Google to penalize you for “keyword bombing

In conclusion, like David Ogilvy rightly said, a terrible headline causes you to lose 80% of your sales before even getting the chance to explain the benefits of your copy/content. That is why it is usually better to employ the help of ai copywriting tools like slayer.ai to help you create engaging content and copy headlines.