Building the Future of Text

Hello World!

This blog post has been years in the making… no, really. We first thought about building models that edited text to go viral years ago, but didn’t think the infrastructure, availability of data, and trust in AI existed yet.

it wasn’t until we ran a Business Development firm, building and growing out sales processes for Post Series A+B start-ups, that we realized how hard it is to create compelling text.

Most of our clients’ top of the funnel relied heavily on text in some way. Newsletters, Ad Copy, Email Marketing, Social Media posts… getting the right messaging and wording was crucial to revenue creation, and it became a core part of growing sales.

We built Slayer as an internal tool—it started as software that scored messages, helping us expedite A/B testing and land on high-performing messaging faster… but it evolved into something more.

The magic of Slayer is that it’s based on your Medium + Objective


Slayer will score text completely differently, depending on where it’s meant to be posted. The rules of success on political Twitter are very different than enterprise SaaS email marketing campaigns.


Slayer also lets you maximize for an objective—do you care more about spreading your message (retweets) or delighting existing users (likes)? Or do you care about message reads (open rate) or transactions (click through rate)?


Putting it all together, Slayer has been able to increase engagement >50% in small scale pilots, and we’re building our first large custom enterprise models now.