Going viral is within anyone’s reach now

The last six months were a lot of fun.

We increased engagement rates 10%+ for email marketers, got social media marketers viral (including the front page of WallStreetBets), optimized ad copy, and learned how to predict whether text is engaging or not.

We initially started out thinking we’d build models that predicted virality across various mediums; Twitter, email, LinkedIn etc.

But we quickly realized the medium didn’t matter as much as the audience. If you’re writing to a crypto enthusiast… they’ll love highly engaging text whether they see it in an ad or in a Reddit post. So we shifted the way we looked at and tagged data… instead looking at the audience it was intended to engage with, and how successful it was in doing so.

This is a major shift to the way most AI NLP companies operate. They focus on writing human like text… but we focus on figuring out whether your text is going to be engaging or not.

And we’re really good at it.

Testing shows us at 75% accuracy when determining whether or not text is going to be highly engaging. That’ll save significant headaches when running ad+email campaigns, and when trying to crack your social audience.

Right now we have six target audience categories, and the goal is to eventually build models for hundreds of different audiences. We also allow our users to request specific models, depending on the audience they’re targeting.

We’ve signed up publicly traded companies, agencies, start-ups, and everything in between to be in our initial beta group. Results have been very promising.

We’d love for you to be an early partner too. As always, email hello@slayerai.com to join us!