Our Early Results

We’re still early in our journey to optimize text—but the initial results have been encouraging!

As big sports fans, we’ve been testing how our model performs while posting comments on NBA fan forums (shoutout /r/nba reddit) during the playoffs. Here’s how we’ve been running our experiments:

1)     We generate a bunch of comments that we want to post about the game

2)     Slayer scores all of the comments and tells us which is most likely and least likely to get engagement

3)     We post the comments at the same time, from identical accounts, in the same thread, and wait to see the likes and comments roll in.

The results have been really interesting to see.

For one thing—Tone matters a lot when going for likes, but it matters a lot less when going for retweets or virality.

The second thing—Slayer can consistently pick high performing messaging. We won’t pretend we bat 100%, but it’s directionally correct… and incredibly impactful. Slayer chosen text got 50%+ more engagement.

The implications are big:

-        Slayer can cut time spent on A/B testing drastically, helping you land on ideal messaging faster

-        Slayer can be the difference between a successful and failed campaign, when you’re deciding which messaging you want to run on costly social media campaigns.

We’ll be continuing to test the model and will be sharing the results for other fandoms and mediums… like music, politics, and email.

Contact us at hi@slayerai.com to get involved!