The AI Gap in Copy – Where Slayer fits

We’re seeing a new frontier develop—a group of GPT-3 driven start-ups (,,, Anyword and Peppertype, to name a few) are using large language models to write copy that looks and reads human. It’s incredible science and these companies already boast large growth and thousands of users who believe in generating copy this way.

This copy is actually very cheap, and helps companies with their SEO game… but it also creates a massive glut of content, none of which is optimized for virality or engagement, some of which begins to feel like spam pretty quickly. For companies that truly care about their content achieving consistent, great engagement rates, it’s not yet a no-brainer option.

Slayer aims to bridge that gap, optimizing any copy for its’ objective (newsletters for open rates, emails for reply rates etc). Our early partners send 100MM messages a month, so our AI has a huge dataset to learn best practices from. We use this core dataset to enrich our client’s data (no matter how large or small it is), and create custom models for them. The result is an AI that can optimize text using rules that are custom to the organization…. Boosting engagement rates across the board, instantly.

We believe in a future where humans use a combination of a large general AI with a custom AI to create amazing results.

Slayer was founded by AI entrepreneurs who have a background in predicting markets, email marketing, and have a history of investing in NLP start-ups—we’re running our first email pilots soon and are excited to try and beat our twitter model’s engagement boost.

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